Here at Grovelea we only have a litter every couple of years, specialising in black Giants. We no longer breed the Miniatures. Our puppies are from eye tested clear parents. The puppies are bred for temperament, health and breed type - together these things produce a true schnauzer.

We are in the planning stages for a litter from Frenchie (Scapman's Elle Negra to Grovelea) who is eye tested clear and hip scored.  If you are interested in one of her puppies, please contact us.


If you are looking for a puppy, either Giant or Miniature, do contact us as we may be able to recommend another breeder to you, otherwise we recommend you contact the breed club secretaries for a list of puppies/breeders.

Below you can see some puppies from past litters


Hmmm, I wonder what this tastes like?



I'm ready for my close up!


Peace at last! All tired out and dreaming of their next meal


I promise I will sweep up the mess in a minute, I just need 40 winks first.


One of our Mini pups from last year.